Castor Studios

Stop the flooding in this crazy retro style game!
Be the first to take on Battlefield Minesweeper, an all new version of the classic game.
The workhorses of the Battle of the Atlantic
Defend planet earth from the invaders...
The year is 1918 and it is time to get your wings in this action packed World War One aerial shooter.
Classic Soviet Fighter Jets
Use Procreate to help design your next PICO-8 game.
Fly high over World War II in this American B-29 Superfortress!
Fly high over World War II Europe in this American B-17 Flying Fortress!
Experience the Midway Magic
Go to War - Block Style!
Tear up Some Blocks and Race Down the Track!
Haul those Blocks...
Looking to add some relaxing material to your game...
These animations will add great value to a games environment.
Add some depth to your game with these trails of smoke...
Blast Your Way Through!
Add some glass shattering effects to your game...
Watch your eyes! These flares are really bright!
Dazzle everyone with this set of animated flares!
Watch out! These animated sprites are hot!
Don't burn yourself with these hot animations!
A nice selection of animated coins, perfect for casino games...
Totally destructive animations...
Go ahead and nuke those pixels back to the dark ages!
A great collection of animated cartoon explosions!
Tons of high quality explosive animated fireball sprites.
Modern 4th Generation American Fighter Jets